I have taught Alexander Technique for twenty five years in city and regional practices. I trained with Andrea Beesley in Sydney and then I was invited to apprentice with Bill Brenner, which I did for a further five years. I currently teach at Leura in the Blue Mountains.

I have been privileged to teach at Alexander Technique teacher training schools in Sydney and Melbourne. I am very involved with the Australian Society of Alexander Technique teachers and I continually update my education by attending seminars, workshops and reading Mr. Alexander's books.

My work with Alexander Technique synergised with clients who had sustained injuries in the workplace. I started to look at workplace safety and it became obvious to me that Australian workplaces reflect a reactive approach to safety in the same way that individuals demonstrate a reactive approach to health.(i.e. waiting until something goes wrong before considering health).

Over the years I have gained qualifications in Workplace Health and Safety (Advanced Diploma; Certificate IV), Training and Assessment (Certificate IV TAE), Leadership and Management (Diploma) and Business (Diploma). I also have an Advanced Diploma in Alexander Technique in addition to my original Alexander teaching qualification.

I am interested in training Alexander Technique in organisations to create change and encourage proactivity as well as my interest in working with individuals.

My teaching experience over the years has shown me that the Alexander Technique is a great gift for humanity. It allows people to explore their freedom from pain, from constraints and from fixed ideas. It is a privilege to be given permission by my students to show them the Alexander Technique skills.

I teach Alexander Technique lessons in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney and I travel around Australia providing consultation on safety, training and Alexander Technique applications for business.