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Alexander Technique with Michael Shellshear

If you are looking to learn and benefit from Alexander Technique, I am an Alexander Technique teacher with twenty three years experience teaching individuals and groups. I teach at Leura NSW which is in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney. People travel from around Australia to work with me. However, if Leura is inconvenient to get to, I am happy to refer you to colleagues around Australia who can professionally guide you to learn Alexander Technique. I am a member of the Australian Society of Alexander Technique Teachers and I am registered with most private health insurance companies that offer rebates on your Alexander lessons.

The way we organise movement can have dramatic consequence on our health and well-being from taking pressure off a bad back to improving breathing. Alexander Technique is a revolutionary approach to health and well-being that prevents harmful habits from interfering with the body’s natural organisation of movement. Students learn to discriminate between destructive movement patterns that interfere with health and constructive movements patterns that promote ease and wellness.

Alexander Technique teaches you what you need to know to make dramatic improvement in the way you move, the way you breathe and the way you perform.

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Alexander skills and knowledge can be applied to a range of activities with exceptional results.

Medical research sponsored by the British Medical Journal found that when chronic back pain sufferers learnt Alexander Technique, it provided them with long term benefits. It’s worth discovering more about Alexander Technique.  Read more here.

A number of corporations around the world have used Alexander Technique as a part of their work health and safety training with significant decrease in absenteeism and workplace injury. I am a highly experienced corporate trainer with qualifications in both Alexander Technique and work health and safety and I am able to provide advice on programs to suit most workplaces. Read more here.

Performers want to improve what they do and to minimise their performance tension. That’s why Alexander Technique is taught at performance schools and conservatories in Australia and around the world. Alexander skills can give you the edge you need in auditions and can keep you pain free in your performance. Read more here.

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Would you like to start your Alexander process at home? Read a book or use a Backsaver® to get started. Read more here.

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Michael Shellshear

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