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How can Alexander Technique help you?

Michael Shellshear Alexander Technique

A totally different approach to health and well-being.

Could you be aggravating your pain condition by allowing destructive habits to take hold? The Alexander Technique was developed to teach people how to discriminate and prevent destructive habits that can cause or assist pain. Crushing, slumping, gripping and twisting are movements that we can do without thinking but are they connected to pain and inflammation? There’s now a lot of research that shows that people can reduce the number of pain episodes by becoming aware of their movement and posture and encouraging positive movement habits.

Alexander Technique has been taught for over 100 years to people to help them manage their movement habits. Michael Shellshear has been involved in Alexander Technique for well over thirty years and he has taught Alexander Technique in Australia for 26 years. He is the current Chairman of the Alexander Teacher’s Society and has been an enthusiatic and entertaining presenter on the Alexander Technique for many years.

As a highly experienced senior Alexander teacher, Michael provides practical demonstration with detailed description to help you understand how you can move from constrained movement to freedom in movement.

 Health and well-being

The way you use your self can affect how you are functioning.

Poor movement and posture can influence a myriad of health conditions from bad back and neck pain to breathing and digestive disorders. They can also affect walking, standing, sitting and complex movements such as playing a musical instrument, arts and crafts and sports. 

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